You’re Up

I created You’re up as a volunteer management system for Churches. It’s purpose is to simplify scheduling volunteers to perform tasks during service. church admins can create teams and place people in those teams and assign them specific functions within those teams. The system then emails out notifications to the volunteers with the information. You’re Up handles collecting volunteer availability and allows for team leaders to schedule their teams weeks and months ahead of time. The front end is built in Bootstrap with JQuery and the backend is PHP along with a number of databases for storing information. You can view the site here: https://www.youreup.xyz

On Call System

I created an OnCall system for my current employer that lets us schedule times to be on call as well as handles how after hour calls and texts are routed when tickets come in that need to be handled. It also handles time off requests and approval. Built from the ground up using Bootstrap and Jquery for the front end as well as PHP for the back end. Unfortunately I cannot link the actual site as the majority of the system is behind a login prompt.